All batteries are shipped to refinery. Customers will receive a certificate of recycling from ARR and the refinery.
Certified as a Large Waste Handler in the state of Georgia and the United States Eviromental Protection Agency

About Us

Providing Efficient Solutions to Disposing Batteries

We specialize in the battery recycling of your obsolete equipment, surplus inventory, and electronic products that may contain a battery.

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We’re Qualified For the Job


  • We are in full compliance with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
  • We follow all EPA guideline - local, state and federal - in the disposal of materials.
  • Batteries are the power of light. We recycle all types.

Certified Protection

We also offer Certified Destruction for the protection of your intellectual property. We use the most effective methods possible in the recycling event so as not to compromise your security in allowing any part of a product to resurface.

Our Network

Asset Recycling and Recovery Services is building a network of partners including suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, etc. to provide a complete network of services to our customers.

We will only consider reputable, experienced and established companies as partners to maintain the highest level of compliance and customer satisfaction.

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