All batteries are shipped to refinery. Customers will receive a certificate of recycling from ARR and the refinery. Certified as a Large Waste Handler in the state of Georgia and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

We are now working with Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries. Please contact us for more information.

NEW SERVICE: We now work with electric power companies that have solar panel backup batteries. We specialize in sulfur/sulfate batteries and any other types that you may have.

Solar Panel/PV Recycling and Site Cleanup

Specializes in recycling solar panels and lifecycle management of all leftover materials found on Solar Sites.  From solar installation to decommissioning, our teams work across the country to support waste diversion and cleanup efforts for solar projects of great scale.

Do you have Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries that need recycling? 

We have the certified processes and custom solutions you need for your spent electric vehicle batteries. We utilize EPA-approved facilities to ensure a safe and effective battery recycling process.  

Battery Waste

We provide global solutions to the problems of battery waste and component disposal and recycling.

Every industry has different needs, uses different batteries, and requires different solutions. We have a solution that is perfect for you.

From phones to forklifts, we help safely dispose any size battery you may have.  

Who We Are

Corporate Offices

We specialize in batteries of all types, from disposal of hazardous batteries to purchasing batteries for metal recovery. Contact us for pricing.

Our Promise


We also believe that it is our responsibility to protect our environment for future generations. This is why we are registered with and strictly adhere to all EPA guidelines. Only through proper and constant communication can we achieve these lofty goals.