All batteries are shipped to refinery. Customers will receive a certicficate of recycling from ARR and the refinery.
Certified as a Large Waste Handler in the state of Georgia and the United States Eviromental Protection Agency

Our Mission

Provide global solutions to the problems of electronic waste and component disposal and recycling.

Who We Are

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We specialize in batteries of all types, from disposal of hazardous batteries to purchasing batteries for metal recovery.

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Our Technology


Our Technology

Using the latest recycling practices, we ensure that your intellectual property remains yours and that it does not resurface later in your competitor’s product line.

We are ISO and
OHSAS Certified

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ISO 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001:2007

Our Promise


We also believe that it is our responsibility to protect our environment for future generations. This is why we are registered with and strictly adhere to all EPA guidelines. Only through proper and constant communication can we achieve these lofty goals.