All batteries are shipped to refinery. Customers will receive a certification of recycling from ARR and the refinery.
Certified as a Large Waste Handler in the state of Georgia and the United States Eviromental Protection Agency


Dispose and Recycle Your Batteries in an Eco-Friendly Way

Asset Recycling & Recovery has been providing professional services in the recycling of electronic products, ink and toner cartridges, batteries and similar materials for over 20 years.

We provide a safe, practical and reliable reverse logistics and recycling solution for corporations, institutions and individuals with mobile phones, electronic accessories, computer components and devices that are to be scrapped.


Our Products

  • Reverse Logistics
  • Electronic Recycling (End of Life)
  • Asset Management
  • Data Security Management
  • Sustainability Risk Management
  • Telecom Recycling
  • Cell Phone Recycling
  • Computer Recycling
  • Copper Recycling
  • Stell Recycling
  • What We Recycle